Traditional Bread Loaf


For a small loaf of approx. 400gm finished weight

  • 200g FG Roberts Traditional Bread Mix
  • 3g dry active yeast (about ¾ t/s)
  • 2-3ml oil (about ¾ t/s)
  • 2-3ml white vinegar (about ¾ t/s)
  • 230ml warm water.


  1. Place the warm water into a plastic bowl. Sprinkle the yeast over the warm water, add the oil and vinegar and mix with a fork till the yeast is dissolved (about 1 min). Add the dry mix into this liquid. Mix with a sturdy spoon until a smooth dough is formed (or use an electric mixer with dough hook set on low speed for 3-4 minutes).
  2. Tip dough onto a very lightly floured board (rice flour is good and doesn’t cause flour dust, but any FG flour is O.K.) and shape to a smooth ball. Place dough – smoothest side up – into a warm, lightly oiled bread tin, or for a free-standing loaf, place onto a lightly oiled oven tray. Cover with a damp cloth and allow to rise in a warm place till dough more than doubles in size – usually about 40-60 minutes (less for rolls).
  3. Place into pre-heated oven and bake for 40-50 minutes at 210deg.c. (415 F) (Place a small oven-proof dish of water on base of oven to produce moisture while baking). Turn baked loaf out onto cooling rack and allow to cool (1-2 hours) before slicing or eating.


For a crusty top, spray a little oil on before baking.