Fruit Log


Dried Apricots, finely chopped 60g (½ cup)

Orange Juice 62 ml (¼ cup)

Honey 40 ml (2 tabs)

F G Roberts' Soy Milk Powder 65g (½ cup)

F G Roberts' Soy Grits Coarse 20g (1 tab)

Sesame seeds 15g (25ml)

Lemon or orange rind, grated 5 ml (1 teas)

Sultanas 55g (1/3 cup)

Raisins, chopped 80g (1/3 cup)

Currants 50g (1/3 cup)

Coconut 22g (¼ cup)

Coconut, extra, toasted ¼-½ cup

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Pour boiling water over soy grits and allow to stand approximately 15 minutes. Rinse & drain well.

Simmer apricots, orange juice and honey over low heat for 10 minutes.

Place rest of ingredients in a bowl and rub the mixture with your fingers to separate the fruits.

Add the apricot mixture and mix well. Leave to cool.

Sprinkle a piece of baking paper with the extra toasted coconut. Put the fruit mix onto the coconut and roll into log shape, or small balls or bars.

Refrigerate overnight. Cut the log into 5 mm slices to serve.

Optional: substitute the raisins with 1/3 cup mix of red and green glace cherries, chopped and 1 ring glace pineapple, chopped; or add Glace ginger, finely chopped approximately 40g (¼ cup)

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