April 2017

We have changed the name of our bread mix from "Cottage Bread Mix" to Traditional Bread Mix.

Why? … Well our Company is full of tradition for one, it has been since 1933. “The Cottage” name for a lot of our customers indicated small and this product is by no means small, it can be whatever you want. The ingredients are the same, the taste is the same only the name has changed.

So, continue to enjoy the taste of our Traditional Bread Mix and all of our other products.Good health to you all!

"Hi" Saphire here again. I Told you I would come up with something special for you and here it is!

I put my thinking cap on ...If I give you one of our passports AND one of our FG Roberts USB planes for FREE!

To receive your USB and passport like our Facebook page and private message me your details. Once I have your details I will send you your FG Roberts Passport and USB Plane absolutely free, the prizes are great and will be sent to all winners without delay.

FG Roberts Passport
✓ Gluten Free Information
✓ Company information
✓ Recipes
✓ Note book
✓ Product information
✓ Handy tips

FG Roberts USB Plane
✓ Recipes
✓ Information

Well done Saphire,

I have seen the great prizes, everybody should climb aboard FG Roberts Gluten Free Airways ASAP!

Good luck and thank you for flying with us!!!

March 2017

Hi, I am Paul Smith the CEO of FG Roberts. Can I have a minute?

I have been thinking, what can I do for all of our loyal customers…. So, let me introduce you to Saphire our Customer Service Specialist.

Thanks Paul, how exciting to be able to help our customers. It will be my job to make sure they have the best experience.

What have you got in mind ?

Well Paul, our products are part of everyday life for our customers, so I want to make it easier for them to have.

Great News Saphire, I am sure you will find interesting ways to help our customers

Thanks Paul, I will be speaking to you all soon!